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Our Programs

Our programs are the heartbeat of our organization and everything resonates with love for the game of basketball. At the core of our mission lies a commitment to harness the transformative power of basketball to empower individuals and communities. Explore our diverse range of programs that not only cultivate athletic skills but also instill essential life values.


The Hoopers Wardobe Program

The Hoopers Wardrobe is a program that was created to provide young men, and women student-athletes with additional basketball apparel resources that their families may not be able to provide. This program is designed to help relieve some of that financial stress by providing children in the 6th-12th grade with a new pairs of sneakers, 2 pairs of basketball shorts, and a 3 pack of socks.


Tomorrow Starts Today

Our organization has identified a major lack of education when it comes to the college recruiting process, and exactly what to do, and how the system works. With the Tomorrow Starts Today program we have have prepared a course that helps student-athletes and their families. This course will help with understanding what they need to do to set them up for success, and the key steps to take to help ensure that the athlete is in the best position to play college basketball.


Beyond What They See Media

This program was created to help educate our student-athletes on the different media careers that basketball has to offer, and giving them the chance to actually experience it. With this program we intend to offer our students an opportunity to learn about sideline reporting, broadcasting live games, sports photography, and videography. 

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