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Hoopers Wardrobe Program at Sharon Baptist Church!

We're absolutely buzzing with excitement! Our nonprofit just hosted our very first basketball apparel giveaway of the year, and the energy was off the charts! From the gleaming smiles of those who received our gear to the infectious spirit of teamwork among our volunteers, every moment was a testament to the power of community and giving back.

We're deeply grateful to all our sponsors whose generosity made this event possible. Your support not only provided essential resources but also helped foster a sense of belonging and unity within our basketball family.

The dedication and hard work of our team behind the scenes deserve a round of applause. Their passion for our mission shines through in every detail, ensuring that this event was a resounding success.

But wait, the excitement doesn't end here! Mark your calendars because we're already gearing up for our next giveaway in June, and trust us, it's going to be even bigger and better! Stay tuned as we continue to spread love, positivity, and the joy of basketball throughout our community. Together, we can make a difference!

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